Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Welcome to Money Mastery

Money Mastery

Hello everyone, I'm Steven Teo from Singapore. And I just created this Blog for the sake of learning online marketing. In other words, everything there some new learning, I'll document it here for all to see.  So can share successes and failures - so that others can duplicate the successes and avoid the pitfalls.

I would also like to invite like-minded people to join me in this process, become authors, and write about their experience here in this blog as well. Form a community of learners and contributors.

One of the starting point of this blog is to set up this blogger acct. I've just created this blog, and tag a Google Webmaster Tools code into the <Head> tag by modifying the template. This allows the Webmaster Tool to track for errors. Later I'll add in Adsense and Analytics as well.