Friday, July 28, 2017

Earning Cypto-currencies from scratch

Steps to start earning free Bitcoins

1. sign up for EOBOT account at
2. Products -> Faucet -> (wait) -> (do the solvemedia) -> click on Get Faucet Reward available daily

3. Create a account Or when you use one of the 3 URLs below, it will prompt u to specify your coinpot account, if you dont have one, create one at that point

add the following URLs and add as favourite for easy access

doge coin

BonusBitcoin   <-- signup with same email address

BitFun    (minimum withdraw is 100 DOGE) Hourly

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Friday, June 9, 2017

Better Ads Standard - Chrome is changing

Chrome support for the Better Ads Standards

Chrome has always focused on giving you the best possible experience browsing the web. For example, it prevents pop-ups in new tabs based on the fact that they are annoying. In dialogue with the Coalition and other industry groups, we plan to have Chrome stop showing ads (including those owned or served by Google) on websites that are not compliant with the Better Ads Standards starting in early 2018.

Chrome, which holds 54% of the global browser market according to data from StatCounter, already blocks some adverts such as pop-ups, which were the scourge of the internet in the early 00s. From early 2018 it will block any that fall foul of the Better Ads Standard, including, it says, those owned or served by Google itself.

The standards were drawn up after “comprehensive research” involving more than 25,000 participants. On desktop they ban “pop-up ads, autoplaying video ads with sound, prestitial ads with countdown timers and large sticky ads”. On mobile “pop-up ads, prestitial ads, ads with density greater than 30%, flashing animated ads, autoplay video ads with sound, poststitial ads with countdown, full-screen scroll

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Wind of Change

Change is inevitable

We know change is the only constant.  But in the wake of the birth of the fourth industrial revolution. Many people's livelihood will be impacted.  The transformation to this "new age" will be the most profound in human history. It is time to wake up and re-engineer your life to fit into the new era or be left in dark as society moves forward at an ever faster rate.

First industrial revolution : Water and Steam power

Second industrial revolution : Electricity and mass production

Third industrial revolution : Electronics, computers and information age

The fourth industrial revolution is brought about by innovation in both computing power and ability to handle 
Big Data. The quick adoption of Machine Learning for Artificial Inteligence (A.I.) and robotics.  We expect the growth and adoption rate is exponential and will disrupt every industry in the world.

As automation substitutes for labour across the entire economy, money generated may not flow back to "labour". So the gap between the wealthy and poor will likely be widen further.
Some argue that new jobs with better pay will be created in place of those lost, but it is not likely the same people who lost the jobs can acquire those newer, better paid jobs that require a different set of skills to perform. Social tensions will likely increase.

Be warned. Change is inevitable. Be Prepared or be left out.